19-006 SGI Office Renovation – Tender Package #5 (Civil and Landscape)

Closing Date: July 16, 2020

Project Description

Addenda: #1 now posted

MBC invites you to bid on this tender. MBC is the acting construction manager for the renovation of the new main office for SGI Canada. The building is a 2-storey 6,000 sqft steel structure, located at 334 Churchill Avenue, Ottawa. The project includes but is not limited to: all new exterior windows, a new staircase, new roof, new rooftop unit, new elevator, partitions, finishes, millwork, and site work. Construction for the divisions included in this tender package are expected to begin in late-July/early-August 2020.

Tender Package #5 Scope: Excavation and Fill, Landscaping, Site Services/Utilities, and Paving.

Please see Bid Form for Separate Prices required with bids.


July 16th 2020 before 03:00:00
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Project Division required

  • Division 01 General Requirements - 0101 Document Reproduction
  • Division 31 Earthwork - 3100 Earthwork
  • Division 32 Exterior Improvements - 3201 Asphalt - Curbs - Sidewalks
  • Division 32 Exterior Improvements - 3202 Landscaping
  • Division 33 Utilities - 3300 Utilities & Site Services

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