2020-070 Skylights Replacement Various Sites OCDSB

Closing Date: December 1, 2020

Project Description

Addenda: #1 through #3 now posted.

MBC invites you to bid on this tender to replace two skylights for the OCDSB. The work is taking place at two different schools, one skylight each – one is Fallingbrook elementary in Orleans, the other is AY Jackson secondary in Kanata. The scope of work includes demolition of existing skylights, modification of the steel structure, modification of the roof, and the new skylight. Work is expected to begin in summer 2021.

Note: The two schools are expected to be awarded separately, please price them accordingly.

Prequal: The OCDSB has prequalified roofing contractors, only those on the list may bid. See list here.


December 1st 2020 before 03:00:00
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Project Division required

  • Division 01 General Requirements - 0101 Document Reproduction
  • Division 05 Metals - 0501 Structural Steel
  • Division 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection - 0706 Membrane Roofing
  • Division 08 Openings - 0804 Curtain Wall & Windows
  • Division 09 Finishes - 0905 Painting

Only Registered Contractors Can Bid On Projects.