2022-032 Carleton U Loeb Building Exit Stair Remediation

Closing Date: June 28, 2022

Project Description

MBC invites you to bid on this tender to renovate the Loeb building at Carleton U in Ottawa. The project is to replace all railings and guardrails in all 5 stair columns for this 10-storey building. The work is expected to begin in the summer 2022.

Addenda: #1 now posted

Please direct any questions to connor@mbc.ca. Do not send any questions directly to the client or consultant.


June 28th 2022 before 03:00:00
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Project Division required

  • Division 01 General Requirements - 0101 Document Reproduction
  • Division 02 Existing Conditions - 0202 Selective Demolition
  • Division 04 Masonry - 0400 Masonry
  • Division 05 Metals - 0502 Metal Fabrication
  • Division 09 Finishes - 0905 Painting

Only Registered Contractors Can Bid On Projects.