About MBC

Corporate history

Our story begins in 1988, when Paul and Patrick, inspired by their family’s history in the industry co-founded McDonald Brothers Construction (MBC). Focusing their efforts in purely non-residential markets, over the next 30 years MBC would build an incredible reputation for quality control, professionalism, technical expertise, and overall value for money unsurpassed among general contractors in the greater Ottawa area.

Today, we are known for our extensive work in the Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial (ICI) sectors, with a vast breadth of experience including new large-scale construction, school additions, sports facilities / arenas, medical facilities / laboratories, community housing, retirement centres, community centres, churches, complex renovations, historical building envelope restoration, commercial fit-ups, and more.

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Paul and Pat continue to uphold the philosophy that the most effective way to grow the business is to secure lasting relationships with our clients. By providing a superior construction project management experience we encourage repeat clients and word-of-mouth recommendations from our network of architects, consultants and building owners.

Above all else, we believe that our passion for building is what sets us apart. Technical knowledge can be developed with experience, but our creative abilities are inspired by our sincere enthusiasm for each and every unique project.

Although we place strong emphasis on superior quality, attentive service, competitive cost and aggressive scheduling, the magic to our success lies in our creative problem solving and ingenuity. We foster this creativity by establishing a collaborative work culture of intelligent people working within effective systems.

We are committed to long-term employee tenures and ensure that our employees are provided with the right tools to make a difference in the construction services we deliver.


At MBC, success is measured not only by the achievements of the past, but by the progress we are making towards the future.

We strive to be at the forefront of change as it relates to technological advances, construction methods and materials, as well as sustainable building practices.

We were one of the first contractors to create an online tender portal for our subcontractors, we were among the first to apply pre-engineered building concepts to arenas and sports facilities in Ontario and, most recently, we are building one of the first passive house projects in Ottawa.

We are always excited to work on projects that incorporate new and efficient building designs and we recognize the importance of having the expertise required in these disciplines in order to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Green Building

Over the last several years, one of the biggest catalysts of change in the construction industry has been the move towards sustainable building design. As strong advocates of these principles, MBC has been involved in many projects and acted as consultants to further initiatives such as: LEED Canada, Green Globes, Passive Housing, Zero Carbon Building, and more.

As active members of the Canadian Green Building Council, we strongly believe in adopting sustainable building practices where practical. And we are often able to demonstrate that green building strategies can not only be cost effective but also offer recoveries in energy savings and operating efficiencies.

Whatever your sustainable building goals are, MBC is ready to advise and assist you in tackling these challenges while keeping you on budget and within schedule.

Community Initiatives

As true “community builders”, we strongly believe that corporate responsibility means seeing more than just the construction project at hand. As a large chunk of our work is for institutional clients including many not-for-profit groups and registered charities, it is essential that we encourage our employees to give back to the organizations and associations that we have the honour of being able to build for. Opening our construction sites to charity tours, fundraising campaigns with our partners, volunteering and organizing community BBQs, as well as corporate donations and sponsorships are just some examples of the ways we help our project owners reach their goals.


The management of MBC is deeply committed to the health and safety of all personnel.

The safety of our workforce takes precedence over all activities of the company. To achieve this goal we continue to develop, implement and evaluate our health and safety policy and program in order to maintain maximum effect. Communication between management and staff is essential to ensuring that all employees receive ongoing training on health and safety matters.

Leading by actions rather than words, we strive to have the safest possible work environment. We strongly believe that every staff member has a role to play in creating a safe and healthy workplace, from the President to the new hire. We must all work together to prevent incidents and accidents from creating unwanted losses and personal harm.

At MBC, we are dedicated to the safety of all workers and to the prevention of all accidents.


Awards & Associations

2018 - GCAO Award of Excellence
Carleton University - MacOdrum Library

Presented to Project Manager, Matthew Wilson, this award recognized our exceptional attention to project objectives, our innovative approach to providing solutions, technical excellence and level of design / construction difficulty, as well as the contribution to the economic and social quality of life on the Carleton University Campus.

2017 - City of Ottawa Award of Merit: Urban Infill, Low-Rise Affordable Housing
211 Lees Ave.

Awarded to Patrick McDonald and Sally Morris for their visionary work on the 211 Lees Avenue project, along with their partners, CSV Architects and Ottawa Community Housing (OCH). This project was recognized for the challenges it presented in incorporating an existing fire-damaged building with a new and elegant design. Focusing on reducing energy costs through the use of renewable materials and forms, the project remained within its extremely tight budget.

2016 - GCAO Award of Excellence
Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad

Presented to Project Manager, Matthew Wilson, this award recognized our exceptional attention to project objectives, our innovative approach to providing solutions, technical excellence and level of design / construction difficulty, as well as the contribution to the economic and social quality of life for the community.

2006 - Ottawa Architectural Conservation Award of Excellence
Historical reno/addition - Dominion Chalmers United Church

The City of Ottawa recognized the historical renovation and addition project at Dominion Chalmers United Church as an achievement in urban infill projects. Showcasing specific projects which demonstrate a commitment to architectural heritage in the Ottawa area, we were proud to have been part of the process to renew such an important cultural building in the heart of Centretown.

2004 - OGCA Distinguished Achievement in Health and Safety
14 consecutive years of zero lost time injury

Presented to President and Director of Safety, Paul McDonald, this award recognized our longstanding commitment to health and safety by commemorating 14 consecutive years of zero lost time injury. It truly embodies our devotion to a safe workplace above all other pursuits.