Our people

a company culture that values independence, creativity
and open communication

If there were one word to describe the culture at McDonald Brothers, it would be family. As a team, there’s a collective desire to ensure that individuality and entrepreneurship are able to thrive, and we proudly encourage each of our employees to let their talents shine.

Because we are an established midsize firm, we are nimble, innovative and swift in our decision-making, avoiding the dreaded red tape of bureaucracy. Our proven excellence in project management ensures peace of mind for employees and clients alike. And our open-door policy means that any and all questions or concerns are valid.

Of course, the family aspect of our culture is most evident when we bond over things like the annual fishing trip, big tender closings and the staff Christmas party.

Meet the team


The senior team at McDonald Brothers Construction is mutually grounded in their appreciation and understanding of how creative problem-solving is instrumental in the construction industry. Constantly learning and evolving with change, their passion for building and innovation is evident in all that they do.


At MBC, we believe that the quality of our team is integral to our success. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who bring innovation and enthusiasm to a dynamic environment.

We are hiring! We are currently looking for:
Project Managers Field Project Coordinators Site Superintendents
Please submit your cover letter and resume by email to hr@mbc.ca or by fax to 613-831-5528.