Project details

Carleton University’s Athletics Department, in need of a new Multi Sports Field Facility, began the process of designing a textile ‘bubble’ to house an indoor field. Our team contacted them with our pre-engineered steel system as a value-added alternative. Only our pre-engineered steel building could overcome the extremely low soil bearing capacity on the campus grounds, as it uniformly distributes its bearing load to the foundation. By eliminating the grid columns and their respective point loads, we could modify the selected foundation design, which had been provided by the client. With this in mind, we could now build the size and scope of structure that was otherwise unattainable using a traditional building approach.

In addition to being able to keep the facility open year round, the use of the pre-engineered system also offered substantial savings in the form of lower operating costs due to energy efficiencies, qualifying Carleton University for the maximum CBIP rebate, and significantly increasing the building’s lifespan versus the textile alternative.