22-015 St Mary Coptic Church Expansion – Tender Package #3

Closing Date: June 27, 2024

Project Description

The St Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Ottawa has retained MBC to act as their Construction Manager for the redevelopment of 1 Canfield Road in Ottawa. The scope of work involves the construction of a two-storey community centre high-performance envelope mid-rise steel & hollow core precast plank structure. This building focuses on communal spaces & multipurpose gymnasium elaborated for the congregation & surrounding neighbourhood.

This tender package is for the following scopes of work only: Composite Siding and Soffit (canopy), Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Landscaping and Site Furnishing, and Fencing.
Any other scopes of work have either already been awarded or will be tendered in the future in a separate package.


June 27th 2024 before 03:00:00


The latest addendum #1 is available for download.

Please direct any questions to connor@mbc.ca. Do not send any questions directly to the client or consultant. MBC is signatory to the Carpenters’ Union (ICI and Residential Sectors). Trades bidding on work claimed by the Carpenters’ Union must be signatory or provide unionized labour in their quotes.

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Project Divisions required

  • 00 - Procurement
    • 00 00 00 Procurement
  • 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
    • 07 46 00 Metal Roofing and Siding
    • 07 46 43 Composition Siding
  • 10 - Specialties
    • 10 21 13 Toilet Partitions
    • 10 28 00 Washroom Accessories
  • 32 - Exterior Improvements
    • 32 31 00 Fencing
    • 32 90 00 Landscaping

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