Urban Quarry Renovation

Closing Date: July 16, 2024

Project Description

MBC invites you to bid on this tender for a small renovation at Urban Quarry in Ottawa. The work includes mechanical and electrical demolition, removal of a small hollow core plank floor, and removal of three concrete block walls. We also request a separate price for a series of new trench drains plus one new sump pit. This tender is for selective demolition and concrete cutting only.

The work is expected to take place fall of this year.


July 16th 2024 before 04:00:00

Please direct any questions to connor@mbc.ca. Do not send any questions directly to the client or consultant. MBC is signatory to the Carpenters’ Union (ICI and Residential Sectors). Trades bidding on work claimed by the Carpenters’ Union must be signatory or provide unionized labour in their quotes.

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Project Divisions required

  • 00 - Procurement
    • 00 00 00 Procurement
  • 02 - Existing Conditions
    • 02 41 19 Selective Demolition
  • 03 - Concrete Work
    • 03 80 00 Concrete Cutting and Coring

Only Registered Contractors Can Bid On Projects.