Project details

McDonald Brothers Construction coordinated with CSV Architects to renovate the old Sisters of Jeanne D’Arc Institute “mother house” into a new housing initiative for Cornerstone Housing for Women. The renovated building will consist of 42 units for at-risk women. Situated in the beautiful, well-established neighborhood of Westboro, the new centre will not only be a safe place to call home, but will become a thriving, healing community for the women who are transitioning out of crisis. The building will include a Lifelong Learning Centre where women can upgrade their educational qualifications and learn new skills.

The interior renovation includes drywall, flooring, painting, and mill-work. The main entrance to the building houses a rotunda that forms a welcoming reception area. During renovations, a small addition was added that will give residents direct access to the future gardens. The addition is part of a greater objective to make the building feel like home to its occupants. Previously, the garden area could only be accessed by taking a circuitous route.