Project details

This project consisted of the complete renovation to the existing Surgenor Hyundai Dealership building. The scope of work pertaining to the building’s exterior primarily revolved around the removal and reapplication of the building’s flashing and parapet, as well as the installation of new channel letters. The exterior portion of the project also saw the removal of an existing overhang canopy and substituted with all new glazing. Additionally, all new flashing and channel letters were also included on the road sign.

The interior scope of work on this project saw new roof assemblies in the maintenance garage, as well as in the showroom and customer service room. Additionally, these rooms also saw new floor tiling and additional structural beams being tied-in to the existing building’s frame in the showroom. Furthermore, a complete overhaul and renovation to each of the sales offices was also included and consisted of new tiling, drywall, and painting.

Throughout the duration of this project, the existing building remained open and operational. As a result, our management team implemented the necessary safety measures to ensure that the building’s occupants were not affected by construction activity. In some cases, this consisted of a phased approach which saw alternate hours of work implemented, in an attempt to mitigate disturbances.